James Comey described as "insubordinate" in DOJ inspector general's report

Justice Department's inspector general arrives to testify before the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee after faulting the department for disregard of public safety in

James Comey described as "insubordinate" in DOJ inspector general's report

While the report being sent to Congress on Thursday doesn't deal with the origins of the probe into Russian Federation meddling in the 2016 USA election and possible collusion with those around President Donald Trump, the president and his Republican supporters in Congress are primed to use it as evidence of poor judgment and anti-Trump bias within the Federal Bureau of Investigation and the Justice Department.

According to the Associated Press, the Justice Department's watchdog also faults former FBI Director James Comey for breaking with established protocol in his handling of the Clinton email investigation, but it says his decisions before the 2016 elections were not driven by political bias, according to a person familiar with the findings.

Among Comey's missteps during the Clinton email investigation was his decision in July 2016 to publicly call for Clinton's exoneration before the probe had concluded; followed by his revelation to Congress weeks before the election that the FBI had reopened its investigation.

The long anticipated inspector general's report on the Clinton email investigation is released today and is expected to point blame at "insubordinate" James Comey. Comey concluded on his own, without consulting Lynch (who had not officially recused herself after her tarmac meeting with Bill Clinton) on prosecutorial policy in regard to potential charges in the Hillary Clinton case. He also said the recent firing of former Deputy Director Andrew McCabe was the right move, following a separate report of his wrongdoing, which included allegations that he lied to officials. We may not know that for a year or more, but it does appear that Horowitz is leaving that possibility open.

Comey told the nation, nevertheless, that Clinton was "extremely careless" in her "handling of very sensitive, highly classified information". Two days before the November 8 election, Comey said the Federal Bureau of Investigation had found no additional evidence in the new emails. "We'll stop it", Strzok fired-back.

The president again denounced the investigation into his campaign in a Thursday morning tweet. "Right?!" Page texted Strzok in August 2016.

Comey has claimed in testimony before Congress that he cut Lynch out of the loop because he considered her compromised in relation to the Clinton probe.

One of the key testimonies against McCabe in the inspector general's report came from Comey.

Special counsel Robert Mueller removed the pair from the investigation once their emails were discovered, and Page later resigned from the bureau.

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