E3 2018: Fire Emblem: Three Houses Revealed for Switch, Coming Spring 2019

Fire Emblem Three Houses

Above Fire Emblem Three

The Fire Emblem series will be getting a new main installment on Switch for the first time, with Nintendo announcing Fire Emblem: Three Houses during their E3 2018 showing.

That said, Three Houses retains the same grid-based combat system as we've come to know, which now allows you to command massive legions for super-powerful attacks. It also showed a rich cast of characters battling with some handsome turn-based combat and attack animations. From the start, the trailer's graphics look impressive. Previous Fire Emblem games were more concerned with how individual units moved across the battlefield, but the trailer for Fire Emblem: Three Houses shows groups of characters moving as units.

The game is set in a new world-Fodlan, where the Church of Seiros exercises great power over the land and people.

The game is expected to launch in Spring 2019.

Fire Emblem: Three Houses is shaping up to be one of Nintendo's heavy hitters for next year. For instance, Fire Emblem: Heroes will sport anime-style cut-scenes, and it will also allow players to interact with party members outside of battle.

Nintendo's Fire Emblem series has found its way across multiple Nintendo platforms in the past, and more recently it also found its way onto mobile.

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