Microsoft's Surface Pro 6 could be 'heavily redesigned' for 2019

MS Surface Pro 4

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This is based on the USB-C port that Microsoft placed on the Surface Book 2. and Windows Central revealed to us at least 4 new code names, including Surface Libra, Andromeda, Carmel and Capitola. We've also heard that a new Surface Pro 6 could be launching next year, and this follows a previous report from Bloomberg announcing that new 10-inch Surface tablets could be released later this year. It's worth pointing out that a refresh doesn't have to be a next-gen product and could simply be called the Surface Pro with Intel 8th Generation or something similarly long and confusing. The device is scheduled to arrive around the mid-point of next year and will be "heavily redesigned" according to Mary Jo Foley. Not much else is known, but it's expected to be launched either this year, or next.

But at the same time, whispers of new low-priced Surface tablets, high-end wireless MR headsets developed in partnership with Samsung, a long overdue HoloLens sequel and something called "Andromeda" have slowly turned into rumbles. It's also said that Andromeda will jumpstart a new category of pocketable devices that will be created by Microsoft's OEM hardware partners. There's also speculation that Microsoft might release a refreshed Surface Laptop later this year with the latest processors from Intel but there's no confirmation as yet if this device or the refreshed Surface Pro will get a USB Type-C port.

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