How To Unsend Messages On Snapchat

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How To Unsend Messages On Snapchat

Snapchat's popularity has suffered a hit in recent months since the much-maligned update which caused a huge ruckus amongst their users.

This week, the photo-sharing app rolled-out a brand new feature that allows you to delete messages you've sent, including ones that haven't been opened yet.

To delete a message, navigate to the conversation, press and hold on the offending content, and select Delete.

As things stand, users can currently clear conversations from their own side, but if you send a message by mistake or send something that you regret, you can now elect to remove it for everyone in the conversation.

Up until this update, Snapchat chat messages would only disappear when both you and the person you sent it to had read it, or after 30 days if the message was unopened. Although, the recipients will get a notification telling them that the message has been deleted.

Of course, if your friends are quick, they can screenshot the message if they truly want to.


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