E3 2018: New Kingdom Hearts III Trailer Features Pirates of the Caribbean

The Quiet Man Shown Off By Square Enix Brodie Gibbons

The Quiet Man Shown Off By Square Enix Brodie Gibbons

Originally aired at the SQUARE ENIX E3 2018 Showcase.

Square has revealed even more details on the title, including an all-in-one PS4 Pro bundle. from the three trailers at E3 2018, we got to see more of the worlds of Frozen, Ratatouille, Wreck-It Ralph, and Pirates of the Caribbean.

You can check it out in the trailer below, which appears to be mostly new footage. The title will be made available for the PlayStation 4 and Steam for PC when it launches. The first was The Quiet Man, which came with a freakish trailer of what looked like a deaf man beating other people up. The teaser was a unusual mixture of live action and in-game graphics, but the central gimmick seems to be that the main character is deaf. Just Cause 4 was the same - a competent trailer, but one that fans had basically seen during the Xbox showcase. They also spent a lot of time with close-ups of the tornadoes that will be blaring around in Just Cause 4, which is getting a December release date. We might finally hear more of Left Alive, and maybe a new look at the Final Fantasy VII Remake. We also got no word yet on what the status of the Nintendo Switch version is. The dialogue was pretty very bad though and it wasn't made any better by the British-accented voiceovers. Final Fantasy XIV and Monster Hunter: World are joining up to make two groups of nerds incredibly happy. Square Enix revealed some cinematic cutscenes as well as gameplay of the main protagonist slashing a dragon with a giant sword, riding a horse throughout the world and wielding an interesting "Light" power that seems to be the focus of the game.

We're also really looking forward to playing the free prequel to Life Is Strange 2, called The Awesome Adventures Of Captain Spirit - which will be released on June 26.

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