Roseanne Barr Apologizes To George Soros For Nazi Comments

Roseanne Barr at “The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon” in New York

Roseanne Barr at “The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon” in New York

When the former First Daugher politely replied that she indeed was not Wednesday to a Soros, Barr tweeted, among other things: "By the way, George Soros is a nazi who turned in his fellow Jews 2 be murdered in German concentration camps & stole their wealth-were you aware of that?"

Anyway, way back then Barr was busy laying into Chelsea Clinton on Twitter about being married to a nephew of Soros, the well-known backer of American progressive and liberal political causes. "But, we all make mistakes, right Chelsea?" "His family was persecuted by The Nazis & survived The Holocaust only because of the strength & resourcefulness of his father, ' she said, alongside a link to Soros" Open Society Foundation.

Although Barr apologized soon after the tweet, she didn't address her comments about Soros which were even retweeted by President Trump's son Donald Trump Jr.

Earlier this week, the senior Soros gave an interview to The Washington Post and called Barr's claim "a total fabrication".

Soros, 87, a Jewish billionaire, is a Holocaust survivor who was 14 when Nazis occupied his native Hungary, the Post reported. He told how he and other children were ordered by the Jewish Council to deliver deportation notices to local Jewish lawyers.

But in late May, during days of hate-filled and angry tweeting that led to the cancellation of her hit TV show revival, Roseanne, Barr accused Soros of being a Nazi who turned in his fellow Jews. After she lost her show, her fans and followers defended her, and Roseanne asked for them not to do so because she was tweeting while exhausted and taking anti-anxiety medication.

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