Super Mario Party Announced for Nintendo Switch; Coming October 5 2018

Metroid Prime 4 release date When is Metroid Prime 4 released

GETTY Gaming fans play'Metroid Prime Blast Ball on Nintendo 3DS at E3

The game was first announced back in March with a teaser revealing that characters from "Splatoon" would be included in the new "Smash" title.

Super Smash Bros Ultimate headlined a content-packed Nintendo Direct presentation ahead of this year's E3.

GameCube controllers will be compatible by using a GameCube adaptor. In short, even seasoned Smash Bros. fighters will have to reassess both their favorite characters and the competition. This all appears to emphasize Nintendo's burgeoning esports aspirations, with a list of ridiculous details clearly meant for a specific hardcore audience.

Metroid Prime 4 release date When is Metroid Prime 4 released
GETTY Erica Langworthy from New York plays the newly released Metroid Prime 3

The Nintendo Switch is no stranger to co-op oriented games as one of the console's highlight features has always been offline multiplayer. Its reveal confirms that Nintendo's insane multi-screen patent, which emerged in April, is indeed being employed for Nintendo Switch games. The trailer showed a group of friends putting two Nintendo Switch consoles side by side to play Super Mario Party together. Nintendo, as usual, had a pre-recorded video instead of a live event at E3 2018.

Once again, the game will be a mix of minigames and boards, unlike the previous release, Mario Party: The Top 100.

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