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Kentucky Fried What? KFC will test a vegetarian alternative in UK

Kentucky Fried What? KFC will test a vegetarian alternative in UK

KFC cooked up this combination to satisfy the U.K.'s new health guidelines, which challenge fast food restaurants to cut calories by 20 percent.

The items will still feature KFC's famous herbs and spices flavors, just without the chicken.

The menu move comes as KFC's United Kingdom restaurants seek to adhere to new British government guidelines that advise overweight adults to eat just 400 calories at breakfast and then 600 more at lunch and again at dinner.

KFC plans to sell a vegetarian equivalent of its famous chicken.

KFC UK told Foodbeast that it is still working on the recipe and plans to test it with customers this year and launch the product next year.

Meanwhile, KFC's US team has indicated to Foodbeast that the vegetarian option won't be introduced in the country and there are "no plans related to the U.K.'s test at this time".

The company turned to its head of food innovation, nutritionist Victoria Robertson, to explain the company's plan for its creation.

Restaurant consultant Aaron Allen told USA Today more restaurant companies would release vegetarian options.

Now vegetarians who desperately miss that delicious blend will be able to reintroduce it to their lives, with the happy news that KFC are trialling a fake chicken option - which will be coated in the aforementioned spices. Burger King offers options such as a Morningstar veggie burger, vegan apple pie and vegan French toast sticks.

In addition to the vegetarian option, KFC has said it will offer low or zero calorie soft drinks and trial a behavioral change program created to "nudge" consumers toward lighter options.

It suggested that food chains change the recipe of their products, reduce the portion size, and encourage their customers to opt for lower calorie products.

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