Most Americans want the USA to remain leader in space exploration

Astronaut Mike Hopkins Expedition 38 Flight Engineer is shown in this handout

Most Americans want the USA to remain leader in space exploration

He told reporters he said he had very fruitful talks with NASA US colleagues today, and yesterday had a long conversation with colleagues from the European Space Agency (ESA), adding that "there are joint projects and that "We agreed to act together". Epps remains in consideration for future missions, NASA said.

The full report from the Pew Research Center can be found here.

Among the 42% of Americans who would be interested in traveling into space, 45% of them say the main reason for their interest would be to "experience something unique".

This issue is very relevant due to the emergence of private companies, including Elon Musk's SpaceX, that are venturing out in space.

Americans weigh in on the space program, lauding NASA's existence as essential. A third (33 percent) do think that these private companies could advance the industry even without the agency.

Bridenstine also said his top two priorities were the resumption of human spaceflight from the US -since 2011, American astronauts have relied on Russian transportation to get to the ISS-and going back to the Moon with the help of a new, nearby outpost that could ferry supplies there. Likewise, monitoring parts of Earth's climate system is a top priority for 63 percent of American adults. Also, some 80% of Americans say the International Space Station has been a good investment for the country.

Space exploration has changed drastically in the decades following the first landing on the moon by United States astronauts.

"Strong public support that the USA should continue to be at the vanguard of space exploration is widely shared across gender, educational and political groups". However, a great deal of Americans surveyed in the pool tend to be skeptical about whether private companies will minimize space debris.

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