Google to Phase Out 'Secure' Badge In Chrome's Address Bar

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Google to Phase Out 'Secure' Badge In Chrome's Address Bar

Upcoming versions of Google's Chrome will kill off some of browser's security signposting, with HTTPS sites no longer marked as "secure" in the address bar.

Google announced on Thursday in an official blog post that the "Secure" indicator on websites will be removed from September onwards.

Emily Schechter, Product Manager for Chrome Security, said the company is now comfortable making this move as a large chunk of Chrome's traffic is now via HTTPS.

Starting with Chrome 69 (due for release in September), sites using HTTPS will no longer receive a pat on the head in the form of a green padlock icon in the address bar.

Since most traffic is HTTPS anyway, it's not necessary to draw the user's attention to the "Secure" indicator anymore.

Previously, HTTP usage was too high to mark all HTTP pages with a strong red warning, but in October 2018 (Chrome 70), we'll start showing the red "not secure" warning when users enter data on HTTP pages.

Instead, Chrome will focus on highlighting situations when the user is accessing an insecure HTTP website.

These updates are part of a plan that Google references as "HTTPS 100%" that aims to have all sites loaded in Chrome via HTTPS. Since obtaining HTTPS has become much cheaper and easier these days, such changes were bound to take place.

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