Pakistan kills senior Lashkar-e-Jhangvi militant in Baluchistan raid

Shi'a Muslim supporters of the Imamia Student Organization hold signs as they chant slogans condemning the blast in Parachinar during a demonstration in Karachi Pakistan

Pakistan kills senior Lashkar-e-Jhangvi militant in Baluchistan raid

Pakistani troops acting on intelligence raided a militant hideout near the southwestern city of Quetta, triggering a shootout in which an intelligence officer and a notorious militant wanted for over 100 deaths of minority Shiites were killed along with two other suspects, officials said Thursday.

A security personnel of the Anti-Terrorism Force (ATF), who was seriously injured during Wednesday night's operation in Killi Almas area, embraced martyrdom as he succumbed to his injuries in Combined Military Hospital (CMH), Quetta, on Thursday afternoon.

The military also released pictures of a blood-spattered militant laying dead on the ground, along with photos of ammunition and what appears to be bomb-making material.

LeJ, a group which subscribes to the hardline Takfiri Deobandi school of Islam, considers Shi'ites apostates and has carried out scores of bloody bomb and gun attacks in Baluchistan over the past two decades, majority aimed at the Shi'ite Hazara community.

Badeni had been "involved in killings of over 100 innocent personnel of Hazara Community and police", the army said in a statement.

Several Islamist militant groups are active in Balochistan, including the Taleban and local affiliates of the so-called Islamic State in Iraq and Syria (ISIS) group.

Earlier this month members of the Hazara community went on a hunger strike in Quetta to protest against the spate of killings targeting them and to demand greater protection in the resource-rich province that has been plagued by violence and insurgency.

An army intelligence officer was also killed in the operation, it added, and four other soldiers were wounded - two of them critically.

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