Yanny or Laurel: It Sounds a Lot Like the Dress

Yanny or Laurel: It Sounds a Lot Like the Dress

Yanny or Laurel: It Sounds a Lot Like the Dress

The never-ending Yanny vs Laurel debate has reached the White House.

The answer is causing people to disagree about which name they hear.

Unless you live under an internet-less rock, you've probably been asked the question sometime this week: yanny or laurel?

"How do you hear Laurel out of that?"

There is a difference between what you hear, and why you hear it.

"A little hearing impaired or have some high-frequency loss than your focuses is more towards those low frequencies and you're more likely to hear Laurel", said Stone. Outside noise can contribute to whether a person would hear Yanny or Laurel, as well as how your brain compartmentalizes sound.

All your favorite Trumpers are there-Ivanka, Sarah Huckabee Sanders, Kellyanne Conway, Mike Pence and even the president himself.

We assume that the same phenomenon that powered Yanny vs Laurel is at work here: Both words are "present" within the sound clip, but each word is stronger at different frequencies.

The whole thing is supposed to function on the same principles as the Yanny and Laurel puzzler: A change in pitch and individuals' sensitivities to certain pitches push them into one "camp" or another. "That's why some people may be able to switch between the two".

According to Wired, the original recording was done by an unnamed opera singer for Vocabulary.com in 2007.

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