NBA Draft : A look at the players being talked about

NBA Draft : A look at the players being talked about

NBA Draft : A look at the players being talked about

"We were told a lot of the same things about Drummond (six) years ago, that he didn't love basketball and didn't care enough about improving and that he would disappear for whole sections of a game", the exec said. According to USA TODAY Sports, Suns forward Josh Jackson said that if the decision was up to him, he would take Ayton first overall, saying, "his ceiling is through the roof".

For the first time since 2007, the Hawks will select in the lottery.

In case you missed it, the NBA Draft Lottery was on last night. I just don't see the Suns giving this pick up. "There's no strategy. There's no coaching". We're all just holding hands with Magic fans everywhere hoping for the best. He was the ACC Player of the Year and has the potentional to become a rebounding machine at the rate he is going. The Atlanta Hawks round out the top three. Bagley was dominant at the college level and is arguably the most polished player in the 2018 NBA Draft this year.

We are still five weeks out from the draft, but look for Memphis to be prominent in trade discussions before then.

Paxon however, isn't opposed to drafting a player despite a conflict of position - looking to garner the best talent available once the franchise is called upon to make a selection.

Orlando could have potentially been in that tiebreaker with Dallas and Atlanta had it not won its regular-season finale against the Washington Wizards. But they also had a 23.8 percent chance of finishing fourth, a 14.5 percent chance of nabbing the third pick, a 14.2 percent chance of going home with the second selection and a 13.8 percent chance of securing the No. 1 overall pick in the draft.

In addition to all the draft talk, I also went in depth on Sindarius Thonrwell's rookie campaign.

After receiving one dose of misfortune after another in previous NBA Draft lotteries, the Suns were awarded the top overall pick in next month's draft as a result of the 2018 lottery held in Chicago on Tuesday night.

For the Kings the issue if the Suns select Ayton is they already have their future point guard in De'Aaron Fox. The Suns have since drafted Devin Booker in 2015, Dragan Bender in 2016 (in addition to acquiring Marquese Chriss on draft night), and Josh Jackson past year.

"At the same time, he'll want us to draft the best player, whoever we think the best player is, whoever stands out throughout the process".

The Grizzlies are woefully short on depth and would like to add another player, or short of that, add another draft pick for next season. Anyone else being taken No. 1 is getting 17/2 (+850) odds, which is to say, not likely.

With next year's draft being less weighted, it will make it more likely that the Kings could move up into the top three from deeper in the pack, but less likely they will stay in the top three should they finish with one of the three worst records in the league.

"I thought we were going to get No. 1, though, but it's OK", she said.

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