Steam Link App for Android released

Steam’s app for streaming PC games to your phone works like a charm

Steam Link App for Android released

If you head over to the Google Play Store right now, you can find the Steam Link app, which has the ability to stream games over your local network from your PC to your smartphone or tablet.

Streaming video games over LTE will not be an option, however. This new app allows gamers to stream their Steam games to their Android devices while connected to the same 5Ghz network or wired Ethernet as their Steam gaming computer. The app supports the Steam Link controller, or whatever other Android-compatible controllers you happen to have lying around.

Steam Link now supports Android 5.0 and above and features support for the Steam Controller and other Bluetooth input devices. "You can go into the advanced streaming settings and tune streaming resolution and bitrate for the best experience in your setup".

Valve also announced that later this summer it will release an app that lets you stream movies and shows to devices from your Steam library.

When we heard Valve was making an app version of the Steam Link, we were surprised - shocked, really, that Valve would have the audacity to shrink the hardware it worked so hard on to the size of a mobile app.

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