Ticks season has started: what is your risk?

Ticks can carry many different diseases and pass them on to their hosts

Ticks can carry many different diseases and pass them on to their hosts

Powassan or Deer Tick virus, and Borrelia Miyamotoi bacteria have been found in black legged ticks in the province. You can also have your yard treated for ticks by a professional lawn care company but you want to your research on the chemicals they might use.

Symptoms of Lyme Disease include headaches, fever, and fatigue.

Holly Wise, the consumer horticulture resource educator, for Cornell Cooperative Extension, said because of an increase in population or deer, chipmunks and mice, there will be surge in ticks throughout the summer.

Provincial medical officer of health Dr. Richard Rusk told CTV News there's concern over Miyamotoi. "You may unknowingly be going in an area that has high rates of Lyme disease and if your pet is unprotected, they stand a very high likelihood of developing lime disease".

While health officials have not found anyone infected with Borrelia Miyamotoi, a recent study did find some residents tested positive for Miyamotoi.

"We had this as the new disease for the physicians, so that went out in a letter just last month for the physicians", said Rusk "And we mentioned Powassan as well, but the risk for that is substantially lower". While ticks and tick bites are common here, the diseases that ticks carry and transmit are rare - so much so that the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention do not recommend routinely giving preventive antibiotics to people who have had a tick bite and are otherwise well.

"If you can prevent this or know what to do if you are bit by a tick and get the proper treatment, you're saving yourself a lifetime", said Le Page.

Awareness is also important for treating these diseases.

"They can be tested but the physician has to be thinking 'could this be something else beyond the ones that we normally get?'"

One way to avoid getting ticks is to apply deet all over exposed skin which gives you 6-8 hours of protection.

Once home, you should thoroughly check their body for ticks.

Anyone exhibiting the symptoms of a tick-borne disease should contact a doctor.

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