Arab League demands probe into Israeli 'crimes' on Gaza border

Arab League demands probe into Israeli 'crimes' on Gaza border

Arab League demands probe into Israeli 'crimes' on Gaza border

The representative blamed the deaths of a reported 60 Palestinians on Monday exclusively on Hamas "incitement" to attack the Gaza-Israel border and said the group was "pleased" by the scale of confrontations, in which over 2,700 people were wounded, according to the Palestinian authorities.

"The Congress party, reaffirms its solidarity with the people of Palestine in their just struggle for the creation of an independent state of Palestine within secure borders".

Erdogan, who also announced plans for a pro-Palestinian rally on Friday, has exchanged barbs with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, calling Israel an "apartheid state" and ordering the country's ambassador to Turkey to leave.

The US embassy has been shifted to Jerusalem in violation of the United Nations' resolutions, he said.

The largest and most violent demonstrations came Monday as the United States inaugurated its embassy in Jerusalem, with the Hamas-run health ministry reporting 62 Palestinians killed in the day's clashes.

A senior Palestinian official on Wednesday criticized U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations Nikki Haley and her pledge to "take names" of countries that do not back Washington, saying she had not been appointed "the schoolmarm of the world".

The UN Security Council in NY held an emergency meeting Tuesday on the violence in Gaza, with Kuwait preparing a draft resolution to protect Palestinian civilians and the United States defending ally Israel's use of "restraint".

Hamas in a statement on Thursday signaled it could resort to arms in response to this week's violence, but many analysts see that as unlikely for now.

The remarks made on Wednesday were seized upon by Israel in an attempt to fend off harsh global criticism over the deaths and prove they were orchestrated and led by the Islamist movement Hamas. Danon asked members of the Security Council.

China joined calls for restraint, especially by the Israeli side, after 58 Palestinians were killed and thousands injured by bullets and tear gas in the violence.

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