Michael Keaton's two flawless words for Kent State grads

Michael Keaton in

Sunset Boulevard via Getty Images Michael Keaton in"Batman

But he went with his memorable line from the 1989 film "Batman", and 1992′s "Batman Returns". Burton took the Caped Crusader into a gothic metropolis that made fans forget about the colorful and amusing Batman of the 70's.

Of the many airborne characters Michael Keaton has portrayed over the years - Birdman, Vulture, the scene in Herbie: Fully Loaded where I assume the titular Love Bug takes him for a ride - he's still best known for playing Batman. At least, that what he believes.

Michael Keaton delivered a commencement address Saturday at Kent State University where he's an alum.

'I've got two words that I want you all to remember, they're very important and if I leave you with anything, I'm going to leave you with these two words....

"I got one more thing to say and it will only take me a second", Keaton said, ramping up the intrigue.

The legendary actor, 66, delivered the commencement address at Kent State University on Saturday, a university where he studied journalism in the early 1970s.

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