'Nanny Cam' Reveals Intruder Exposing Himself to Sleeping Mom & Baby

'Nanny Cam' Reveals Intruder Exposing Himself to Sleeping Mom & Baby

'Nanny Cam' Reveals Intruder Exposing Himself to Sleeping Mom & Baby

Police were called to the home around 5 a.m. Monday after the father found a few things out of place. "Certain things in my mind kind of triggered [a] red flag", the husband said.

They're also concerned it has been on-going as the camera was only installed last month. To his horror, he saw a odd man walking around his bedroom, near where his 8-month-old son and wife were sleeping. "He could've just taken him and that's what really scared me the most". "It nearly feels like someone has taken away my virtue, in a way without my consent".

Police said part of the burglary was captured on a baby cam, and the video footage shows the burglar exposing himself and standing next to the bed and crib where the mother and baby slept.

The couple hopes someone recognizes the man in the video, whether it be through his mannerisms or his clothing since his face wasn't shown in the video. Even more unusual is the intruder's familiarity with the family's home. There were no signs of forced entry, none of their electronics or valuables were stolen, and the man didn't physically touch the mom, baby, or their 2-year-old daughter who was sleeping in another room in the home. The only scenario that makes sense is that the suspect knew their garage code, which means he was either watching them or knew them personally.

They also worry it may not have been the suspect's first time in their home - or their bedroom. "That's what is worrisome to us", said the husband.

Layton Police hope someone can help them identify the person who broke into a home and walked around a master bedroom where a woman and her baby were sleeping. They ask that anyone who recognizes the man or has information on the case contact them at 801-497-8300 and reference incident number 18-07370.

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