The countdown for Billboard Music Awards begins

Sacha Horler in “Sando.”

The countdown for Billboard Music Awards begins

The 2018 Billboard Music Awards will be aired live on NBC on Sunday.

Kendrick Lamar, along with Bruno Mars and "Shape of You" singer Ed Sheeran lead the award nominations.

Come 21 May the world will witness 2018 Billboard Music Awards. The audience will be excited to see who of the three men are competing for categories including - Top Artists, Top Song Sales, Top 100 songs among other honours.

Aside from performing, BTS is also up for the Top Social Artist award - the same award they won a year ago.

Top victor this year goes to... This year too she is nominated in five categories. She revealed that she has 20 costume changes lined up for the three-hour broadcast.

What makes this year's award show, is that it's the 60th Anniversary of the Billboard Hot 100 Chart which has been honoring music's hottest artists since 1958. It's a moment of celebration, and the event is going to be one grand show. He should be considered a strong contender for the New Artist prize since he ranked second on Billboard's list of the top new artists of 2017, but Cardi B and Camila Cabello are the artists to beat in that race according to the combined predictions of hundreds of Gold Derby users.

Tune in to Vh1 to watch the simulcast of the "2018 Billboard Music Awards" on Monday, 21 May, 6:30 am. He is up this year with 9 nominations including "Top Artist" and "Top Album" amongst others.

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