Utah man jailed in Venezuela pleas for freedom in video

Utah man jailed in Venezuela pleas for freedom in video

Utah man jailed in Venezuela pleas for freedom in video

Trujillo declined to discuss how Holt was posting videos on his Facebook page, saying Holt's safety was in jeopardy and he didn't want to release any information that may harm him.

In the second video, Holt continues by "calling on the people of America" to get him out.

"I need help. So they've taken the entire prison where I'm at".

Holt stated on Facebook Wednesday that: "Helicoide the prison where I am at has fallen the guards are here and people.are trying to break in my room and kill me". His family has said he was in the wrong place at the wrong time of a raid in the Caracas neighborhood where his wife's family lives.

"They're outside", he says, "They're trying to break in".

His first-ever video message from jail came amid what the US government described as a "riot" today by fellow inmates, including some of President Nicolas Maduro's top opponents being held alongside the American. They're saying they want to kill me.

Utah man jailed in Venezuela pleas for freedom in video

Venezuela's Information Ministry did not respond to a request for comment, but its chief prosecutor said in a tweet that his office was on site, without providing details.

The Trump administration has suggested there are political motives for Holt's continued detention.

Authorities of Venezuela claim that Holt was working with the US government to overthrow President Nicolás Maduro, a plan they say involved him and his wife stockpiling weapons. His trial on weapons charges was scheduled to start Tuesday but Holt and his wife, Thamara Caleno, were never taken to the courthouse by their jailers at El Helicoide, headquarters to Venezuela's feared Sebin intelligence police. Several of Maduro's top opponents are barred from running.

Holt has been in the prison for roughly two years as his family and USA officials have called for his release, noting his health has taken several turns for the worse. In another, a shirtless youth runs down a narrow hallway and knocks out an overhead light with a long stick to shouts of encouragement by other inmates. Orrin Hatch, a Utah Republican, to secure Holt's release. But he left shortly after nightfall with no answers, saying he was unable to meet with the foreign minister and other officials, including Maduro, either didn't take the embassy's calls or claimed not to have any knowledge about the case.

"Joshua Holt and other USA citizens are in danger", he added. It said: "Venezuela's government is directly responsible for their safety and we will hold them responsible if anything happens to them". "Joshua Holt on humanitarian grounds?"

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