Hero dog saves mate from drowning in backyard pool

Watch dog with a 'heart of gold' dive into the water to save his doggy best friend

Hero dog saves his friend from drowning in amazing video of rescue taken as non-swimmer pet fell into the family pool while home alone

A family from Arizona unknowingly filmed an astonishing video of their dog saving his best friend when he accidentally fell into a pool and couldn't get out.

Remus jumped into the pool and boosted Smokey up out of the water and over the edge of the water.

In the video shared by ViralHog, the pup named Remus is seen standing outside the family's house pool just as his canine pal, Smokey, swims towards the deep end and begins to struggle. But for these two pups, it's a dog-save-dog world.

"Remus may be a insane pup but he's got a heart of gold", Becerra said.

The footage showed Smokey having difficulty getting back out of the pool, with Remus on the side looking as if he was trying to direct him how to get up.

"Jay saw Smokey all wet and wanted to see what happened". Smokey climbed out, and Remus followed behind him. "My best friend cried when we sent her the video".

The video of the daring dog rescue has been viewed all over the world, and hundreds of people have seen and shared Becerra's post. "He said that the dog is a real certified lifeguard".

Laurie added that the two play around the pool "all the time" without incident.

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