Black Voters Must "Takeover The Polls" This Midterm Election Season

Final Unofficial Results For Cuming County Primary

Black Voters Must "Takeover The Polls" This Midterm Election Season

Lumpkin County voters will cast their ballots on Tuesday, May 22, in the General Primary, non-partisan general and special election at Parks & Rec building.

But there also was strong interest in two contested seats on the Norfolk City Council, a subdistrict seat representing Norfolk on the Lower Elkhorn Natural Resources District board of directors, as well as a contentious race for a seat on the Stanton County board of commissioners. The Democrats' primary is open in this state, and a voter of any affiliation may select a Democratic ballot. It is election day in Idaho!

There will also be an important issue for fire safety on the back of each ballot so be sure to turn your ballot over and vote on that.

Local residents are deciding on candidates for the Republican or Democratic ballots for the 2018 midterm primaries, with a trio of contested races on the GOP ballot. One postcard is going to approximately 28,000 mail ballot voters whom Postal Service records show have recently moved but have not re-registered.

That dollar per vote figure should go down a bit as there is one more election to be totaled in the county this year.

Anyone may vote in the Democratic primary.

Ballots are due by 8 p.m. Tuesday.

All of the elected offices available in the 2018 election can be viewed here.

Blackford County Sheriff Jeff Sones was the victor in a three way race for the Republican candidate for sheriff in last week's election.

To absentee vote, you need to bring a valid photo ID.

Nearly all Precinct 2 voters will vote at the Mauriceville Fire Department, with the only difference being those in voting box 29 will vote at Gould Center in Vidor. For Madison County register of deeds, candidates are Diane Nykodym and Norman Small. Unless the voter changes his or her political party affiliation after voting and before the next primary, the voter is limited by law to voting on the ballot of the political party he or she is affiliated with. We connected to other states like Arizona.

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