Borderlands 3 reportedly won't appear at E3

Borderlands 3

Borderlands 3 reportedly won't appear at E3

After all, we have witnessed insane twists nowadays to jump down to a conclusion straight away.

This year's E3 will play host to many games and events, but Borderlands 3 won't be one of them, according to Gearbox Software.

The whole story turns out to be quite tedious as Randy Pitchford already stated that Gearbox is working on a massive project.

Borderlands 3 is now under development at Gearbox but oddly, an official announcement is still pending. Therefore, we have to wait until the official start of E3 and find out whether the truth was spoken or not.

He then explained the metaphor, saying people generally "hold on to" what they want to believe, even if evidence exists that contradicts those beliefs. A representative from Gearbox Software announced to a room of journalists earlier today that there will be no Borderlands presence at E3 whatsoever. While some of the unannounced games seemed completely of the wall - Forza Horizon 5? - others, like Rage 2, have turned out to be accurate. "For example", he continued, "I could write it out now precisely and specifically that "Borderlands 3" will not be at E3 and many of you will choose not to believe it". The list that including some of the unannounced games including RAGE 2 appear to have some authenticity to it with the confirmation of the sequel to RAGE, but when it comes to Borderlands 3, it doesn't appear to make the cut for an E3 reveal.

Interestingly enough, Pitchford did just that a few weeks ago by tweeting out a link to the Schoolhouse Rock song "3 is a magic number", though this may have just been a tribute to the recent passing of composer Bob Dorough.

We're pretty sure that Borderlands 3 won't end up being a mythical item of vapourware like Half-Life 3, but it's clear that Borderlands fans will have to exercise some patience.

Gearbox confirmed Borderlands 3 was in development during PAX East 2016.

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