Adobe: "Adobe XD will be as big or bigger than Photoshop".


Adobe: "Adobe XD will be as big or bigger than Photoshop".

Adobe today announced a new XD CC Starter Pack which will offer Adobe XD for free.

Adobe Photoshop has been the industry standard for image editing and creativity for many many years, but Adobe has bold new plan to make Adobe XD the halo product.

The fund will help designers and developers innovate in the world of experience design and leverage Adobe XD as a platform supporting tooling plug-ins and integrations with third-party tools and services. "The aim of Adobe XD wasn't to create another UX tool".

Underscoring the importance of this burgeoning category, Adobe also announced a $10 million design investment fund to advance innovation in experience design.

An expansion of Adobe's ongoing investment in and collaboration with the design community, this fund will allow developers and designers to take full advantage of Adobe XD and integrate with the Creative Cloud workflows used by millions of creative professionals and top brands around the world.

The software is getting several new updates that will start rolling out in the next couple of months. The exciting part is the simplicity and rapidness in which you can create and modify these designs, then review live, in real time (inside the same application) how that interaction between screens works. Adobe added the ability to paste to multiple art boards, more easily swap symbols and password protect design specs. With this month's update, Adobe is improving the integration with Sketch and Photoshop.

Vinh said Adobe XD is on a mission to remove steps from the design workflow. Designers can now drag and drop symbols over another one, updating all copies of that symbol.

Adobe is also facilitating learning and growth opportunities through an ongoing series of Creative Jams, where designers and design luminaries can share their unique design processes with each other.

While Adobe's experience designer program "XD" normally requires a paid subscription to its Creative Cloud suite, this week Adobe is releasing a free starter subscription on Mac and PC, potentially opening its platform up to more people, including those who might be curious about design and keen to give the area a dabble.

The free plan complements existing Adobe XD plans, including for individuals, teams and enterprises.

Adobe has launched Adobe XD or Adobe Experience Design - the software giant's all-in-one UX/ UI solution for websites and apps - bringing it out of beta.

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