Facebook tells kids to take a break from social media

Facebook youth portal

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Teens can now learn general tips and tricks about all things Facebook. The social network has been displaying tips and advice to younger users in their newsfeeds, and the portal essentially collates this information into one place. They will also get tips on how to stay safe on Facebook and details on the type of data Facebook collects and what it does with it.

"We're also exploring new ways to bring these tips directly to teens on Facebook".

Seeking advice from others: We're working with policymakers, privacy experts, other companies and user experience designers to give teens the tools and information they need. Earlier this month we started showing tips for teens in News Feed, like how to control who sees what on your profile, and links to the Bullying Prevention Hub.

To build the portal, Facebook spoke with groups of teens in the UK, Italy, the United States and Brazil. As well, the company says it plans to hold additional roundtables over the next several months to further build on the portal.

With a special emphasis on online safety of teens, Facebook has recently taken on its Safety Advisory Board the Project Rockit, which is an organisation dedicated to tackling bullying in school communities.

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