Google Wifi's Network Check feature just got a lot better

Google Wifi

Google Wifi Network Check Now Tests the Speed of All Your Connected Devices

Modifications can include re-positioning the WiFi access point, or even the device itself closer to an access point to get better signal.

Google says consumers have 18 devices connected to their Wifi routers on average, which can sometimes make it hard to monitor each individual device.

Full availability for this new Network Check technology is expected in the coming weeks. In the absence of a feature like this, Google says WiFi issues can be "a bit of a black box to troubleshoot".

Starting today, we're rolling out a new feature to Google Wifi that lets you measure how each individual device is performing on your Wi-Fi network. However, figuring out why a device may be experiencing issues is tricky, so that's where the new feature comes in. The latest allows users to test individual device performance to find and fix connectivity dead zones in your home. As a result, users can move and better position a Wifi router if devices in a certain area are performing slower.

Google's mesh WiFi system is pretty neat, we're getting more into IoT around the world and they've noted that on average users have around 18 devices connected to the system at any one time.

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