Microsoft Builds Real Life Apocalypse Bunker For State of Decay 2

Image via Microsoft Undead Labs

Image via Microsoft Undead Labs

Ahead of the upcoming release of State of Decay 2 on Xbox One and PC, Microsoft is using a 4,000 square foot World War II era bunker near downtown Los Angeles to promote the game. In order to prime folks for the game's impending release, the aforementioned companies have chose to put out the first 17 minutes of gameplay found within the title. Undead Labs has vowed to polish the game more before launch, but whether this addresses the complaints is yet to be seen. Thankfully, the gameplay looks solid enough, and the price tag for the release will be forgiving on fans' wallets, as SoD2 is only going to be sold for a mere $30.

In addition to having Riggs on to help preview the game, an official Xbox Gaming Bunker was also built to house some intense State of Decay 2 gaming sessions.

In the video above, GameSpot's Nick Margherita and Jake Dekker get to try out a multiplayer session of State of Decay 2. Riggs has also participated in a PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds session with Xbox before, the only console that the battle royale game is now available on. Not only will gamers be offered access to the survival-horror sequel when subscribing to the service for $10, but also they will be given the chance to play over one hundred other different Xbox One and Xbox 360 titles as well.

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