Harbor Bridge glows green in observance of Mental Health Awareness

Coronation Street Maria and Aidan

Coronation Street Maria and Aidan

With over 300 stations taking part, broadcasting to one of radio's biggest collective audiences with an average listenership of 20 million, the Mental Health Minute has been led by Radiocentre and The Radio Academy.

"Graduate programmes can be fiercely competitive, which can exacerbate mental health issues; employers need to take note of the information revealed by our latest survey and ensure they are providing anonymous, "off the record" support for this future workforce", he said.

Since his death in 2010, Ben's family launched the Invictus Trust to support other youngsters.

The survey is open now and will close on Friday 27 July, and the more people that complete the survey questionnaire during this time will help us to get the best picture of mental health at work in the UK.

"Waiting lists and services, sadly, aren't always as quick as you'd like them to be but there's always loads of help online and loads of people who want to listen".

"I think, in that time, he was dealing with various pressures and things going on and we just didn't know about any of it; things deteriorated very quickly".

Pirate FM will play the minute-long message featuring Princes William and Harry and stars like Lady Gaga at 10.59am on Tuesday.

The princes issued heartfelt pleas for people to "start a conversation on mental health" as part of a minute-long message which was simultaneously broadcast by hundreds of United Kingdom radio stations at 10.59am today.

BBC and commercial stations around the British Isles joined together at one minute to eleven to broadcast a 60 second message about mental health.

May month is known as Mental Health Awareness Month, also as Mental Health Month, dedicated to educating the public about the realms and reality of mental illnesses.

Prince Harry adds: "If you do have the courage to speak about it, you really can make things better".

"Radio is coming together in a United Kingdom first today to shine a light on the important issue of mental health". As well as providing company and fun, radio can be an important lifeline for listeners. "We are pleased that the power of audio is being used to such fantastic effect and confident that what we've produced will get people talking".

"We have a responsibility to recognise the unique place we in radio occupy in people's lives. This poignant moment of reflection, a first in United Kingdom radio, is a wonderful opportunity to help us improve how we support each othe remotionally".

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