Tina Brown wants no part of Charlie Rose's #MeToo redemption series

Disgraced Charlie Rose'planning show where he interviews men taken down by #MeToo

Charlie Rose was accused of sexual harassment by a number of women

Many high-profile men, like former television anchors Charlie Rose and Matt Lauer, faced accusations of sexual misconduct previous year. Last week, we got speculations about how Louis C.K. might stage his return to the comedy world, while in another corner, Matt Lauer was reportedly "testing the waters" for a comeback of his own.

The report comes from Page Six, that says Tina Brown revealed the news this week saying she was asked to produce the series.

And now, according to Page Six, a #MeToo television series starring Charlie Rose is reportedly in the works-in which the former CBS anchor would interview other shunned men like Lauer and C.K. The question here seems obvious: who on earth is making this proposed series, and in what universe do they imagine viewers will tune in?

According to Page Six, Brown turned down the offer to produce the alleged show.

"I know that we women of color are victims as much, if not more, than White women; we are also less likely to come forward with our stories of abuse because there's so much more at stake", wrote WNYC editor Rececca Carroll, who was a producer on the Charlie Rose show.

Three guests who attended the conservancy women's lunch insisted there had been mention that it was a Netflix-affiliated show, while an unnamed source with ties to the streaming service told Page Six that no one at Netflix had heard of the project.

A number of media reports have recently explored how Rose, Lauer and the other men who've lost their jobs in the recent wave of sexual harassment scandals could plot comebacks.

"These guys are already planning their comebacks!"

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