Trump to visit United Kingdom, despite threat of 'mooning' protest

Trump to visit United Kingdom, despite threat of 'mooning' protest

Trump to visit United Kingdom, despite threat of 'mooning' protest

President Donald Trump will meet with Apple Inc Chief Executive Officer Tim Cook to discuss trade issues on Wednesday as the technology industry grapples with a USA tariff spat with China, a manufacturing hub for the iPhone maker and other companies.

Trump tweeted,"Looking forward to my meeting with Tim Cook of Apple". Cook urged calm and called for more open trade after Trump announced he would impose tariffs on certain Chinese imports, and China retaliated with tariffs on us imports. The issue has returned to the political fore following comments by key Trump administration officials who say the government needs a way to penetrate secure devices and communications to thwart terrorism.

Cook has disagreed with Trump on a number of issues since Trump entered the White House.

Apple over the years has tried to cultivate commercial influence with the U.S.'s foreign adversary and has done so with varying degrees of success. China retaliated against an initial round of $50 billion (roughly Rs. 3.34 lakh crores) in tariffs.

Several news outlets reported that the visit was going ahead before White House spokeswoman Sarah Sanders confirmed the visit this afternoon.

Trump is not expected to meet with Queen Elizabeth or other members of the royal family during the working visit.

When asked about the topic at a forum in China last month, Cook said "countries that embrace openness, that embrace trade, that embrace diversity are the countries that do exceptionally", according to The Wall Street Journal.

After a rocky start during his election campaign, when Trump urged his supporters to boycott Apple and criticized the company for making its products in China, Cook has become one of his favorite go-to CEOs. Earlier this year, apple announced that it will invest $350 billion in the United States economy over the next 5 years. But Trump has praised the Cupertino, California-based company's planned investment in the US after the passage of last year's tax cuts.

US President Donald Trump will visit the United Kingdom on Friday, 13 July.

Apple said spending will create 20,000 new jobs through hiring at its existing campuses in Cupertino, Austin and a planned new campus.

"He uses it a lot more often more recently", a senior White House official said of the President's cell phone.

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