Three tips and tricks for settling into the new Gmail

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Three tips and tricks for settling into the new Gmail

Let's have a look at some of the features in detail. If you use the mode, you can also revoke access if you no longer want the person to be able to view the message after you've sent it. While the first three were already a part of Gmail's functionality, Snooze is the latest addition and it allows you to put off emails that you can not get to at the moment.

Just dragging an email from Gmail into Tasks creates a new to-do item, and once a due date's added it'll appear in Calendar. These features are now available on Inbox by Gmail.

Gmail users will now be "nudged" if they haven't opened an e-mail after a few days. Nudge uses AI to identify emails which have been lying in your Inbox for days without any reply.

After rumours from earlier this month, Smart Reply on Gmail's web interface has been rolled out in the New Gmail - nearly a year after it came to the mobile version. This feature provides the user with contextual responses to reply to emails received.

Your Gmail account will immediately get a revamped look but in case you don't like the new version, it's easy to roll back to the previous design. These are being rolled out with the latest update to Gmail for web.

Another major new feature being introduced is "confidential mode", which lets senders remove the option for the receiver to forward, copy, download or print the message. All users have to do is hover their mouse cursor onto an email.

Gmail is all set to get native offline support which will allow users to smart search through their Inbox, reply to emails (save as draft till connected to the internet), delete and archive emails.

Nudge. After a set period of time, unanswered email will resurface and you'll be asked if you want to reply. The option to activate confidential mode will be available on the compose email page. This feature has already been a part of Gmail app for Android and iOS. High-priority notifications will help users get notified about important mail threads and email addresses without filtering through the lot.

Artificial intelligence is being put to work in new Gmail features including "nudging" people to tend to neglected messages and automated reply suggestions along the lines of those added to a mobile version of the email service a year ago. And in another win for spam removal, Gmail will now offer shortcuts to unsubscribe from newsletters when it thinks that you no longer care about them. A prompt with shortcuts to unsubscribe or refuse will be displayed on top of the inbox on the mobile interface.

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