Fourth death related to synthetic cannabinoids reported

4th death blamed on fake pot

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IL public health officials say the state has received a major donation that will help those who have suffered severe bleeding as part of a deadly outbreak involving synthetic marijuana. More than 150 people in IL in 13 counties have been sickened by synthetic cannabinoids laced with rat poison. Her name is not public at this time.

Symptoms of the poisoning include coughing up blood, blood in urine, severe bloody nose, bleeding gums, and internal bleeding. A chemical found in rat poison, brodifacoum, prevents blood from clotting, resulting in severe bleeding. Her death comes as the state deals with an outbreak of people experiencing severe bleeding after using synthetic marijuana.

IDPH leaders say they're working on helping people find the treatment they need for synthetic cannabinoid use, which usually involves a lot of vitamin K. "If you know someone who uses synthetic cannabinoids, tell them these are deadly products and try to help them get treatment". A person would have to take up to 30 tablets a day for up to six months in order to restore the blood's ability to clot. On Monday, officials announced a donation of almost 800,000 vitamin K tablets by the Bausch Foundation, a philanthropic arm of Valeant Pharmaceuticals International Laval, Quebec.

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