Toyota To Start Deploying Vehicle-To-Vehicle Tech In 2021

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Toyota To Start Deploying Vehicle-To-Vehicle Tech In 2021

By 2021, Toyota says some of its models will come equipped with "vehicle-to-vehicle" communication technology that will allow its vehicles to "talk" to each other and its surrounding environment. Toyota says that as of March, more than 100,000 Toyota and Lexus models were on the road equipped with the vehicle-to-vehicle communication technology. In the U.S. the brand has continued to work with other automakers and U.S. Department of Transportation in the development of DSRC-based V2X technologies.

"Three years ago, we pledged to have automatic emergency braking (AEB) in nearly every vehicle we sell by the end of 2017", Toyota North America CEO Jim Lentz said in the release.

Talking vehicles, which have been tested in pilot projects and by USA carmakers for more than a decade, use dedicated short-range communications to transmit data up to 300 meters, including location, direction and speed, to nearby vehicles. This includes location, direction and speed which is communicated to other vehicles. Toyota's "talking cars" will take advantage of short range wireless technology for the purposes of vehicle-to-vehicle (V2V) and vehicle-to-infrastructure (V2I) communication. Others are testing it and standards have been developed so they can communicate.

In 2017, General Motors Co began offering vehicle-to-vehicle technologies on its Cadillac CTS model, but it is now the only commercially available vehicle with the system.

The Obama administration proposed giving automakers at least four years to comply. The proposal is for all auto manufacturers to have a common language and a standardized system, the way we have Bluetooth.

The technology "has been tested and proven over the last several years and is already being used in many parts of the country", the group said.

But it could prevent up to 600,000 crashes and reduce costs by US$71 billion annually when fully deployed, the report said.

Toyota has announced plans to bring vehicle-to-vehicle and vehicle-to-infrastructure technologies (V2X) to the USA market by 2021.

However, the push for V2V communications has stalled under the Trump administration.

Toyota officially set plans in place for the large-scale launch of "talking cars" in the USA market by 2021.

"We need to make a technology choice when there's no regulatory requirement in place", said John Kenney, director of networking research at the Toyota InfoTechnology Center in California.

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