Traveling with kids on Air India flight may cost you more

Air India introduces 'family fee' on all flights

Traveling with kids on Air India flight may cost you more

Earlier, Air India use to charge only for front-row seats on long-duration flights and now it has introduced an extra fee for the selection of middle, window and aisle seats on most rows, on domestic and global flights. This charge was earlier levied on front row seats on long-haul flights but with the increase, families travelling together would find it more expensive to sit together. On flights from worldwide destinations into India, the seat fees depend on the currency of the airport or origin.

In a circular issued to travel agents, Air India set a list on the fees on the several routes that begin at Rs 100 for middle seats on domestic flights Rs 200 for the window/aisle seats. On global flights, the fee has been fixed at INR 200 on most routes, except on Kathmandu flights, where the fee is INR 100. The emergency exit row fee is between Rs 800 and Rs 1,500 depending on the route, while the window/aisle seat fee is between Rs 240 and Rs 1,500.

According to new rules, the fare for middle seats on domestic flights starts at Rs 100 and if chooses window or aisle seat then he or she has to Rs 200. The extra charge is charged when a passenger makes a choice at the time of online booking or during web check-in. If they want to save and yet ensure that at least one parent is seated next to the child, they will have to pay at least $18 and book a window or an aisle seat and the middle seat. "On a recent flight from Delhi to Amritsar, a senior commercial officer, who has just returned from a foreign posting got into a major altercation with a passenger over a business class seat".

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