Black Harvard Pupil Seen Pounded by Authorities

A statement from the mayor of Cambridge addressing Ohene's arrest

A statement from the mayor of Cambridge addressing Ohene's arrest

Cars slowed down and about 30 people gathered to watch the scene. More citizens begin taking cell phone videos.

If Ohene was restrained, why was there a need to strike him?

Cambridge Police Commissioner Brnaville Bard said in a statement that "use of force was required" in order to arrest the suspect who was displaying 'erratic behavior'.

On Friday evening at 9:09 a.m., officers responded to an intersection for a disturbance. Approximately six other calls were received for a male who was reportedly completely naked. It was learned from his aquaintances that he may have ingested a hallucinogenic substance.

"The video speaks for itself", the lawyers said. Ohene started to take steps towards officers in a an aggressive manner. His legs were grabbed, and he was taken down to the ground. This maneuver was effective in getting Ohene to the ground but Ohene continued to resist us with all of his strength.

In the video, Ohene is standing on a grass median when three Cambridge officers and an MBTA Transit Police officer approach. He was put in handcuffs, Bard said.

He was then taken to a local hospital for an evaluation. Police say Ohene spat blood and spittle at a paramedic.

Police have charged Ohene with disorderly conduct, indecent exposure, resisting arrest, assault, and assault and battery on ambulance personnel.

"The goal in these situations is always to use the least amount of force and to get the subject to mental health providers using the least amount of force necessary".

The lawyers said it had been a trying ordeal for their client and his family, and they asked the public and the media to respect his privacy. "If anyone's ever had to constrain an individual against their will, they'll know that it's a very hard thing to do".

"You have to judge their actions within the context of a rapidly evolving situation and not within an ideal construct", Bard continued. It also said the officers had tried to obstruct witnesses' attempts to record the encounter, but it did not specify how.

"Numerous attempts were made by the officers to calm down the male, but they were met with opposition and hostility", Bard told reporters at a news conference Monday.

The Harvard Black Law Students Association published a harshly critical evaluation of the arrest on Saturday, noting that some of its members had seen the arrest and detailed it as "a brutal instance of police violence".

According to a police report, Ohene was naked, and a woman who appeared to be Ohene's acquaintance told officers he may have been on drugs. Witnesses accuse the police of acting without provocation. As he turns his back to one of them, the officer tackles him.

The student group's description said "While on the ground, at least one officer repeatedly punched the student in his torso as he screamed for help".

The BLSA statement over the weekend noted that "a pool of blood remained on the pavement" as the ambulance carrying the student departed the scene Friday night.

Drew Faust, the president of the university, said that although she does not yet know all the facts, the incident is "profoundly disturbing".

"What is shown in the video is disturbing".

Idowu said all police departments should have body camera programs - and Cambridge does not. In most cases, the extensive training our officers go through results in the de-escalation of unsafe situations. "When confrontations can not be averted and include use of physical force, we must be willing to review our actions to ensure that our police officers are providing the highest level of safety for all".

"Cambridge affirms that Black lives matter, but it must be true in practice as well", Mayor Marc C. McGovern said in a statement Sunday morning. We'll continue to review and refine our protocols, policies and trainings as appropriate to ensure we are most effectively, sensitively and safely handling incidents to uphold the highest degree of professionalism and standard of service our community expects from its police department.

Mr. Ohene is studying mathematics, according to a statement from his lawyers, Ronald S. Sullivan, Jr. and Dehlia Umunna, both of whom are professors at Harvard.

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