Prince Harry Appointed As The Commonwealth Youth Ambassador

Prince Harry Appointed As The Commonwealth Youth Ambassador

Prince Harry Appointed As The Commonwealth Youth Ambassador

This will be his highest-profile public role to date and a job that will see him working with his future wife encouraging young people to use the network of mostly former British colonies.

Prince Harry became a Commonwealth youth ambassador.

Queen Elizabeth granted the situation to Prince Harry.

The declaration agrees with the beginning of a summit of the Commonwealth Heads of Government in London and will try to help the system when Britain is arranging its take-off from the European Union.

"I'm likewise staggeringly appreciative that the lady that I am going to Wednesday, Meghan, will go along with me in this work, in which she too is immensely eager to partake in", the ruler included, drawing praise and cheers from the gathering of people.

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle's duties with the Commonwealth will include overseas travels and meeting with young people from all over the world to hear their ideas on how to reach larger audiences and make their voices heard. This marks Prince Harry's first significant role with the organization, where he'll be in charge of listening and helping over 60 percent of members of the Commonwealth who are under the age of 30.

The Queen is the leader of the Commonwealth. The Queen is the head of the Commonwealth, but questions have been raised over whether her son and heir, Prince Charles, should succeed her. "The Queen clearly is personally very committed to the Commonwealth but after her, maybe it's a time to say "well actually the Commonwealth should decide who its own president is on a rotational basis", Jeremy Corbyn, leader of the opposition Labour Party, told the BBC on Sunday. "She said that whether her life be long or short, it would be dedicated to the service of the people of the Commonwealth".

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