Stormy Daniels Unveils Sketch Of Man She Says Threatened Her

President Donald Trump's personal lawyer Michael Cohen has been under criminal investigation for months over his business dea

Stormy Daniels Unveils Sketch Of Man She Says Threatened Her

Stephanie Clifford, also known as Stormy Daniels, revealed a composite sketch Tuesday of the man she says threatened her in 2011 to stay silent about an alleged affair she had with President Donald Trump.

This artist's drawing purportedly shows the man that the adult film actress Stormy Daniels says threatened her in a Las Vegas parking lot in 2011.

On The View, Daniels said she noticed the man in the parking lot; he was well dressed.

"We're offering a $100K reward leading to the identification of this man, Daniels' much-in-the-spotlight attorney Michael Avenatti told the ladies of The View as the sketch of a man with wide-set eyes, a day's growth, well-defined cheekbones, and blow-dried hair loomed large on screen behind him". Daniels and Avenatti have been talking to the press about the alleged relationship, claiming the NDA is not valid because Trump never signed it.

Daniels said she took the comment as a direct threat.

Daniels, recounting the alleged 2011 incident on "The View", said that what she remembers "so clearly about him was that nothing looked alarming about the way he looked at first". Daniels responded by filing a revised federal lawsuit accusing Cohen of defamation.

Daniels made an appearance at the hearing, getting swarmed by photographers and almost falling as she was hustled into the courthouse, a scene that captured the sensational atmosphere around the case. Cohen's lawyers did not detail the type of legal work he did for Hannity.

Trump answered questions about Daniels for the first time recently, saying he had no knowledge of the payment made by Cohen and adding that he didn't know where Cohen had gotten the money.

Daniels is suing Trump, who has denied the affair, claiming he defamed her.

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