Jacinda Ardern wants 'wins' from CHOGM

Jacinda Ardern went from a meeting with French President Macron to doing a lecture on climate change

Jacinda Ardern went from a meeting with French President Macron to doing a lecture on climate change

Ms Ardern released a video on Sunday about the meeting, saying it was a chance to talk about things that were important to small nations like New Zealand.

"Some of the concerns being raised domestically in New Zealand will be similar to the ones raised in France", Ardern said in reference to potential resistance from French and European farmers.

Under Ms Ardern's administration, the Government has ordered trade negotiators that future free trade agreements do not include ISDS provisions, aligning with European policymakers, who prefer a new public court system over the clauses.

Ardern said she would pursue an EU deal along with separate trade talks with Britain, which is leaving the European Union next March and is seeking to negotiate its own agreements.

The Labour Party leader was visiting France during a week of meetings that will see her travel to Berlin and then London, where she will attend a Commonwealth Summit on Thursday and Friday.

"In the current global environment, with a rise in protectionism and fears of trade wars, fair worldwide trade rules are more important than ever for ensuring that our trading partners treat us fairly", Mr Parker said.

Trade and Export Growth Minister David Parker wants a new progressive and inclusive trade agenda, laying the groundwork for a refreshed strategy, while Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern seeks to accelerate free trade talks with the EU.

"I believe that what we are setting out with New Zealand is the right response to this, and I think this accord can be reached", he said.

Ardern, 37, became prime minister last October after a whirlwind rise and then surprised the nation again in January by announcing she was set to become a mum for the first time.

Ardern told AFP that the Commonwealth summit could be "a response to the current worldwide environment". "I'm a little slow going up stairs but I'd say that's about the end of it", she told AFP.

"There's no doubt my feet hurt a bit more, but it's not impacting on my ability to do the job", she smiled after apologising for wearing socks but no shoes during an interview.

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