TaskRabbit app, website shut down as company investigates 'cybersecurity incident'


TaskRabbit app, website shut down as company investigates 'cybersecurity incident'

IKEA-owned TaskRabbit is offline while the company investigates a "cybersecurity incident".

As of this writing, visitors to the TaskRabbit website will only find an account security update, which says TaskRabbit is "working with an outside cybersecurity firm and law enforcement to determine the specifics".

"TaskRabbit is now investigating a cybersecurity incident", the email stated. People who use their TaskRabbit passwords on other websites or apps are being urged to change those passwords.

While even vague details are unavailable, the fact that the TaskRabbit website and app have been taken offline could well be indicative of the severity.

TaskRabbit did not specify how many people were affected by the incident, or what information was lost. For any Tasker who had a task scheduled today and is unable to complete the task, we will compensate them appropriately. TaskRabbit is now available in more than 40 metro areas.

It is unclear the extent of the security breach, if the attacker accessed user details, customers' financial data, or if he only defaced the site and left without touching anything else. As an immediate precaution, if you used the same password on other sites or apps as you did for TaskRabbit, we recommend you change those now.

Thank you for your patience while we investigate the issue and for being such an important part of our community.

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