Man became gay after eating painkillers

SWNSScott claims the painkillers made him gay

SWNSScott claims the painkillers made him gay

Pregabalin is a drug used for treatment of epilepsy, anxiety and pain associated with the brain.

Scott Purdy-a twenty-three years old guy was a hot-blooded heterosexual and was the one to enjoy dating women before he started taking Pregabalin, also known as Lyrica.

Purdy said that he was prescribed pregabalin quickly went off women and ended things with his girlfriend of six months, after being prescribed pregabalin earlier this year.

Scott Purdy said he dumped his girlfriend after he realized that he was attracted to men.

He said that he noticed that his attraction for women kind of subsided and he was willing to get male attention. "I was with a girlfriend I had been with for around six months", he said.

He says that although he was curious when he was younger, he was never really interested in men. When I was younger I was a little bit curious, but a couple of weeks after I started taking it I turned around and said I didn't find her physically attractive anymore. I stopped taking it for a few weeks and that desire for men just left. I want to be with him right now'. While one of the side effects is loss of libido, no other cases of the drug turning someone gay has been recorded, because, well, it doesn't.

Scott had been taking Codeine until January this year, but has been experiencing negative side-effects, so his GP prescribed him Pregabalin.

Purdy said that those close to him were surprised, but that their reactions didn't stop him posting about it online.

"I'm not angry because it's made me who I am", he told the Mirror. As per the reports of MailOnline, the British man claimed that he turned gay after he took painkillers when he met with an accident and broke his foot.

"The clinical effectiveness of this medicine has been demonstrated in a large number of robust clinical trials among thousands of patients living with these conditions".

'We work with regulatory authorities around the world to continuously evaluate and monitor safety for each and every Pfizer medicine through ongoing clinical research, analysis and surveillance'.

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