Allegiant Air had over 100 'serious mechanical incidents' in 2 years


Allegiant Air had over 100 'serious mechanical incidents' in 2 years

CBS's 60 Minutes ran an investigation into Allegiant Air's history of in-air trouble and aborted take-offs.

The airline is popular in the Quad Cities, it offers nonstop, discounted flights between Moline and places like Phoenix, Orlando, Clearwater/St. Petersburg and Las Vegas. The audit is a voluntary review conducted by the International Air Transport Association to assess the management and control systems of an airline.

"The story is outdated, bears no resemblances to the Allegiant I know, and shows a real and troubling misunderstanding of the FAA's rigorous oversight of Allegiant and all USA airlines, which is truly the worldwide gold standard in transportation safety", he stated. It also took aim at the FAA for failing to take action against Allegiant.

In response to a "60 Minutes" investigation into the Federal Aviation Administration's (FAA) oversight of Allegiant Air, Sen.

A "60 Minutes" report called Allegiant Air risky, and now Allegiant is calling "60 Minutes" deceitful.

The FAA is recognized around the world as the gold standard with regard to transportation safety, and as a result, the airline industry in the USA has never been safer.

Several arguments have come up against Kinzer incident but it is noticeable that this incident was only one of them from the "60 minutes" report. The people, however, through social media have shown their active participation and have given their views too for the Air Allegiant that they won't be travelling in that aircraft.

The FAA has been fairly passive toward correcting Allegiant's difficulties, "60 Minutes" said. Not only do we expect our team members to adhere to all company procedures and policies-including safety procedures-but many positions are subject to statutory and regulatory obligations.

Within the report, the 60 Minutes corespondent interviewed a man by the name of John Goglia who is an expert witness who testifies on aviation issues.

He also said he had just met with passengers arriving from St. Petersburg, Fla., and everyone he talked with was "extremely impressed with their service and pleased to use Allegiant and MidAmerica".

Price, the former Delta chief pilot, said firing a pilot for ordering an evacuation would be "so far beyond the bound as to constitute safety malfeasance". Allegiant says it operates at the "highest safety standards".

Steve Kroft, 60 Minutes correspondent, and the show's producers found that the carrier experienced an "alarming number" of issues between January 1, 2016, and October 31, 2017, that pointed to it being the "most dangerous" airline in the U.S. We have safely carried almost 90 million passengers since beginning operations in 2001.

For the lengthy piece, Allegiant provided a statement from Vice President of Operations, Eric Gust.

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