New Gmail Is Bringing Major Updates, Including Self Destructing Mails

Gmail accounts could be about to get a lot more private thanks to new Confidential Mode for email

GOOGLE • GETTY • EXPRESS NEWSPAPERSGmail accounts could be about to get a lot more private thanks to new Confidential Mode for email

As part of the Gmail redesign, Google is testing an interesting new feature that allows senders to set expiration dates for their emails, before they self-destruct. Instead, you will be invited to click on a link to view the email on a secured website. It is speculated that this new feature is closely going to follow the update in Gmail's interface.

An expiry date - after which the email vanishes from the recipients' inbox - is also possible in the redesigned Gmail app.

This new feature is already available for people who use the Gmail app on their phones. The fonts, called Product Sans and Roboto, are Google's own. Similarly, the actual security offered by this concept may also be limited, as the TechCrunch report notes that there is no control mechanism preventing the user from taking a screenshot of the message. It's likely that all the new features included in Gmail and its new design will be revealed during Google I/O developer conference which starts May 8th. By the time this feature is rolled out to all users, the exact mechanics of the feature may work differently than described-the utility of an un-downloadable attachment, as the above text implies, is somewhat limited. This is because Google is now asking their users to confirm their Google account to view the confidential email.

Here are six changes that you will see when Google launches its new look in May.

Google is providing three new layouts to choose from, including a default view that highlights attachments like documents and photos, a comfortable view that doesn't highlight attachments, and a compact view that increases the amount of messages you can see on a single page. Google uses machine learning to tune Smart Reply's suggestions to your writing style, so the more you use it, the more useful it gets.

I guess time will tell on that one.

"The features are very similar to some found in Microsoft's full Outlook application and Microsoft is also adding the ability to restrict emails on its service", the report added. Finally, an email can be locked behind a two-factor authentication process to ensure that only the intended recipient can read it.

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