The Fitbit Versa has just launched and it's pretty great

Image source Fitbit

Image source Fitbit

This isn't Fitbit's first foray into the smartwatch market, but with the Versa, they take everything that they have learned from the Fitbit Blaze and Ionic and improve the Fitbit smartwatch experience in nearly every way. Released today on Amazon, the Fitbit Versa takes a lot of lessons from the not-so-hot launch of the Ionic to make a smartwatch that is both stylish and useful.

In fact, we have had the Versa in-house for a little while now, and it's easily one of the best smartwatches I've ever used.

The Versa is a bit more compact than the Ionic, and the design is nicer overall in spite of the Apple Watch vibe. It's also cheaper than the last watch at $200.

Last month, Fitbit announced their new range of activity trackers including the new Versa. It can monitor your heart rate, detect exercise, and track steps.

The smartwatch is available in three colour options - black case with black band, silver case with gray band and rose gold case with peach band.

The Versa doesn't have Global Positioning System or NFC (for Fitbit Pay), but there's a special edition version of the watch for $30 more that adds the NFC back. Only the standard black model is available for immediate shipping (it's still another week or two for the others).

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