UAE halts Somali military training after cash seizure

After attack, UAE to end Somalia military training mission

UAE halts military training in Somalia

The United Arab Emirates says it will end its military training mission to Somalia after an incident that saw its soldiers assaulted and $9.6 million seized at in Mogadishu. A Somali security ministry statement at the time said the bags were full of undeclared United States dollars and an investigation is under way.

Relations between Somalia and the UAE have been strained over the ongoing diplomatic crisis engulfing Qatar.

The UAE statement on Sunday announcing the halt of the military training program followed a similar announcement by Somalia on April 11, in which Mogadishu said it will take over paying and training the soldiers in the program.

"The UAE has chose to disband its military training programme in Somalia which started in 2014 to build the capabilities of the Somali army", said the statement on the UAE's state news agency WAM.

The UAE said it has trained thousands of Somali soldiers and paid the salaries of 2 407 Somali soldiers. Somalia's government has remained neutral in the conflict, despite Saudi and Emirati pressure to denounce Doha.

The UAE is also building a military base in Somaliland, another semi-autonomous region of Somalia.

A United Nations Security Council report in November also alleged the UAE handed out cash to influence voters in Somalia's presidential election a year ago.

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