Woodstock School District 200 seeking 2nd resource officer

Jeff Wick

Burlington School Board member Jeff Wick

The trio will face off at the June 26 primaries. The two candidates with the most votes will appear on the November ballot.

The District 200 board recently approved a request to negotiate with the city for an additional officer.

Cheshire, 43, is the coordinator of leadership programs at Weber State University.

School board member John Auerbach, who has consistently spoken about the need to limit costs on the project, said that he was in favor of keeping costs between $102 million and $105 million.

He said he would approve of a new bond that "will actually meet the needs of the students".

Students in the district have taken that internet access to new levels, he says, by developing their own apps and setting up a technology support desk similar to Apple's Genius Bar, where students replace the screens on devices and teach teachers how to use apps and other technology.

"We opened a new classroom with students with multiple disabilities at the high school", she said.

According to the presenters- including teachers Bobbi Roque Hornik, Mandy Wamboldt and principal Wanda Einarson - a makerspace is a combination of a science lab, woodshop, computer lab and art room, that encourages students to approach problem solving in a completely different way.

Wilkinson, 40, is an English adjunct professor at Weber State.

Stephanie Thillens, whose seventh-grade son is enrolled in special education classes, said she had faced "an uphill battle" to get the appropriate services for her son.

The district has also chose to maintain a full-time agriculture teacher, which used to be a shared position with Orleans-Niagara BOCES, due to the popularity of the program with students. "For me, the teachers are at the core part of my kids' education". She said school consolidation is also something that sparked an interest in running.

As it stands, the School District of Mystery Lake doesn't have an account on either Twitter or Facebook, which, Land believes, would be an invaluable tool in making important information much more accessible to parents.

Hueton, 57, is a product development engineer based in Ogden.

"I've heard consistently what a close relationship there is between the city government, the business community, and the school district itself", Piper said. "We have to be in the space, live in it and experience it, and I'm sure we'll find things we love and things we don't and want to change". "We lose an terrible lot of people and I see that with friends ... that bothers me, that we are losing people and that we haven't been able to raise our standards". Borrelli said he was hopeful that hiring Frost would remove a "huge hurdle" for the district and ensure progress for students. "They feel like having that presence in the building makes a difference for them". "It's teachers that have a direct impact in student success".

"I think $105 million is an enormous step forward", Auerbach said, explaining that it is still an amount that the Avon Grove community could afford.

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