This time Sri Reddy straight Question to Janasena chief Pawan Kalyan

I'll Talk About Sri Reddy's Allegations Later Koratala Siva

After Rani Laxmibai, Ram Gopal Varma compares Sri Reddy to King Ashoka The Great

Sri Reddy's semi-nude protests has given a big blow to the industry after she chose to openly speak about her experience with the casting couch in Tollywood.

The actress had on April 7 stripped in public and staged a protest in front of the film chamber office here, alleging that local artistes were not being given enough opportunities in the industry.

Now, another Telugu actress, Sandhya Naidu, spoke about the humiliation and exploitation she faced in this industry. What is this Sri Reddy up to?

It is known news that Pawan suggested casting couch victims to approach police stations and courts and file cases instead of talking on TV channels. "Most of the characters I get are that of a mother or an aunty. They use crude language and ask us not to lurk around".

Until this point, it looked normal (as per latest standards of lambasting in front of media), but after this Sri Reddy crossed limits and did three acts - One, she took her cheppal into her hands and slapped herself, saying I made a mistake by calling Pawan as brother (Pawan Anna) earlier.

Sri Reddy who thanked first in her tweet for Pawan support later asked straight forward question on her twitter handle which meant "PK sir we are same people like you, when you couldn't file a case for special status how could you expect us to do the same?".

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