Sainsbury's introduces touch-free meat packs

Sainsbury's introduces touch-free meat packs

Sainsbury's introduces touch-free meat packs

"Instead of trying to cut plastic, Sainsburys introduces pouches for raw meat because snowflake millennials can't handle cutting it up".

The packs, known as "doypacks", allow for customers to put meat directly into the frying pan without having to touch it, thus avoiding possible contamination by bacteria such as campylobacter, which can be found in raw poultry and cause severe food poisoning.

New research says shoppers under 35 suffer high levels of anxiety when handling uncooked meat products.

In an interview with the Sunday Times, Sainsbury's product development manager for meat, fish and poultry Katherine Hall added shoppers, particularly younger ones, were "quite scared of touching raw meat", prompting headlines deriding "squeamish millennial cooks".

"A lot of younger people are eating out in restaurants but they are not preparing as much food in their home", she said.

She said a woman in one focus group had "sprayed chicken with Dettol before cooking" she was so anxious about bacteria.

Thirty-seven per cent of millennials - born after 1980 - preferred not to touch raw meat, compared with a little more than a quarter of the wider population, a report from the market research firm Mintel found.

Ruth Mason, of the National Farmers' Union, said it was sad that this was now a "growing trend".

It's worth noting that Sainsbury's mini chicken breast fillets cost £2.50 for 320g, while their new chicken pouches, which come ready-marinated, cost £3.50 for 300g.

"We have seen sales data of those, and we are aware they have done very, very well", said Mason. There will be a selection to pick from including citrus tikka chicken pieces and teriyaki-style pieces.

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