Fortnite Devs Consider Expanding Matches to Over 100 Players

Fortnite Devs Consider Expanding Matches to Over 100 Players

Fortnite Devs Consider Expanding Matches to Over 100 Players

Epic are considering increasing the player limit for Fortnite, although warn that it won't happen in the "near future".

The Pornhub insights team continued: "By looking at what users typically search before or after searching Fortnite, we can start to see a game related trend develop".

It's interesting to note that there's another game coming later this year in the form of Mavericks: Proving Grounds, which will feature 400 players, which seems a bit excessive. (We'll have a guide for the latter going live very soon!) The "Hard" challenges task players with getting shotgun kills, eliminating opponents in Lucky Landing and following the treasure map found in Moisty Mire.

In the same interview, Williamson discussed the integration of the PvP Battle Royale game mode with Save the World and how it could be improved.

Other games have also been experimenting with the different battle royale setups instead of the staple 100-player formula. The postmortem will also cover what Epic's doing to avoid a problem like this in the future, and it'll be ready for all of us to read sometime this week.

So, they will be releasing a Black Bling gift this weekend that Battle Royale players can get from the store for free and for Save the World players, they're offering a Troll Stash Llama in the loot tab for free.

This one should be nice and easy, especially if you have a Minigun or a Rocket Launcher to hand. Perhaps if Epic does find a way to integrate the two modes, it will be a way for the developer to meet players in the middle.

"Those are really fun palate cleansers", said Williamson.

Finally, Williamson said that the Limited Time modes being cycled in Fortnite Battle Royale are a great way for Epic to experiment. They allow us to do things we couldn't do in the core game. Fortnite fans, would you like to see better integration of the modes? One of the game's devs even chimed in on Reddit, saying it's "totally on the list to try a progressive weapon load out LTM at some point".

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