Mega Drive and Master System set for Nintendo Switch

The PS5 release date prediction keep coming

SONYThe PS5 release date predictions keep coming

SEGA Ages is a series of classic SEGA titles being released on the Nintendo Switch. Today, the Japanese gaming luminary announced that the SMS versions of Phantasy Star and Alex Kidd are coming to the Switch. Now, after the dust from that event has settled, SEGA has revealed the first five SEGA Ages titles, and released screenshots of three of them. SEGA AGES aims to bring prominent titles from a selection of home console classics and a host of perfectly-emulated arcade games.

In addition to delivering the top-notch emulation M2 is known for, the new Sega Ages re-releases will include new content and features. For instance, the Sega Ages version of Sonic the Hedgehog will include the super-obscure Mega Play arcade version, and Phantasy Star will add new difficulty settings, an updated save system, and more. Plus Genesis versions of Thunder Force IV, Sonic the Hedgehod, and the original arcade version of Gain Ground. Thunder Force IV will see the Styx Mode from the SEGA Saturn edition return, and online leaderboards will also be supported.

No word on an official price point yet, but expect more details to emerge as we approach a firm release date in the summer.

Will you be picking up Sega AGES when it arrives on Switch? The series then came West, with SEGA Ages: Volume 1, a collection of enhanced ports of Space Harrier, OutRun, and After Burner II, released in 1997 on the Sega Saturn.

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