WhatsApp new feature! Now, you can download deleted media files again

WhatsApp users’ privacy at risk Report

Image Source The Indian Express

Due to this protocol, if the users deleted the media content on their phone, they could not retrieve them back ever again.

WhatsApp has included a new update in its beta version v2.18.111 to re-download the deleted media from any WhatsApp folder along with fixing bugs with the latest update. But now those files can be re-downloaded, thanks to the latest update. While earlier, there was an assumption of privacy in that it was possible that Facebook deleted files after they were downloaded. We receive hundreds of texts and media files in a day and at times while deleting the unwanted files we end up deleting something that was important to us. WhatsApp beta version 2.18.109 for Android was first released on April 12.

WhatsApp previously stored "undownloaded" media content on its servers for 30 days and deleted it as soon as the user viewed it on their device. This bug was affecting Android users using the app on the Platform. This is made the file non-downloadable.

If you have deleted the downloaded media content from the phone's storage, you can go back to the chat conversation on WhatsApp. If you're among the selective users, this feature would be already available for you as of this writing.

Recently, WhatsApp has modified this behavior: "when a media is successfully downloaded, WhatsApp doesn't delete it from the server, allowing the users to download it again if the file was accidentally deleted in the path where WhatsApp saves media", said WABetaInfo. According to the report, the recipient was able to download media from a text sent 2 months ago but there for the messages dating back to nearly a year, the application asks to request the sender to send the file again. The report claims that all the media files are fully encrypted so there's nothing to worry even if the chat app doesn't delete them from its servers.

According to the report, files deleted two months ago could also be downloaded during the testing of the feature.

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